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Helping you in your pursuit of energy and sustainability goals.
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At Equastar Facility Consulting, we are committed to providing our clients with the very best value-added energy solutions, products, and services. We do our utmost best to develop and refine services and solutions to better serve our clients.

Who We Serve

We serve K-12 public schools, community colleges, charter schools, and churches throughout California, Washington, Texas, Georgia, and Florida.

Services Offered

Equastar Facility Consulting offers a range of services to best meet the varying needs of our clients. We provide:

  • Wireless IoT controls
  • Monitoring
  • Metering
  • Software and Analytics
  • Facility Conditions Assessment
  • Utility Data Review

We also provide secondary solar reconciliation reporting. We work closely with utility rebates and special funding to help off-set utility operating cost.

By utilizing open-source wireless products and technologies, we provide our clients with affordable energy monitoring, predictive analytics, and building automation system that reduces electricity bills by 10-25% for commercial buildings.

Equity-E1 Features

Easily optimize for occupant comfort and power
Set alerts for equipment level consumption and costs
Uncover the top 10 devices consuming energy in your building in real-time
Monitor, track and benchmark savings for energy efficiency projects
monitor and mobile phone with graph statistic display
Use your laptop, tablet, or phone to control and automate building equipment
Predict and control energy consumption and electricity costs
Implement affordable energy efficiency measures for small to medium commercial buildings
Explore opportunities for cost savings tailored to the equipment running in your building


  • Real-Time Power
    (1-minute intervals)
  • Space Temperature
  • Outside Air Temperature
  • Weather
  • Occupancy
  • HVAC Settings
  • Renewable Energy
    (Solar, Fuel Cell)
  • Lighting Levels
  • Energy Storage Available Q4


  • Run-time Analytics
  • Usage intensity Heat Maps
  • Predictive Power
    (Equipment & Whole Building)
  • Demand Management
  • Data Normalization
    (Weather, Occupancy, & Time)
  • Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Management
  • Continuous RCx
  • Notifications And Alarms
  • Continuous Benchmarking
  • Energy Saving Opportunity
  • Historical Data Import
    (Green Button, Energy Star)

Demand Response/Controls

  • OpenADR® 2.0a
  • Wired and Wireless Controls
  • Scheduling – Lighting, HVAC,
  • HVAC Temperature Setbacks
  • Dimming and Dual Lighting
  • Conditional Control Strategies
  • Energy Storage Routing

Learn More

Please feel free to contact us at 925-503-7422 if you need any further information. We look forward to a successful working relationship with you in the future.