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Welcome to EquastarFacility Consulting

Equastar Facility Consulting provides smart, efficient energy management solutions to clients throughout California, Washington, Texas, Georgia, and Florida. We actively assist our clients in strategically managing energy procurement by designing and implementing efficient energy solutions, supplying cost-effective energy services, and coordinating the acquisition and installation of energy technologies and infrastructure. From facility condition assessments, utility data review, software and analytics, to implementing wireless IoT controls, you can rely on our seasoned team to deliver the services that you need to conserve energy.


Equastar Facility Consulting is a management and consulting solution-based company utilizing open-source wireless products and technology as an affordable energy monitoring, predictive analytics, and building automation system that reduces electricity bills by 10-25% for commercial buildings.

Equity-E1 Features


  • Real-Time Power (1-minute intervals)
  • Space Temperature
  • Outside Air Temperature
  • Weather
  • Occupancy
  • HVAC Settings
  • Renewable Energy (Solar, Fuel Cell)
  • Lighting Levels
  • Energy Storage Available Q4


  • Run-time Analytics
  • Usage intensity Heat Maps
  • Predictive Power (Equipment & Whole Building)
  • Demand Management
  • Data Normalization (Weather, Occupancy, & Time)
  • Renewable Energy Prediction

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Management System
  • Continuous RCx
  • Notifications And Alarms
  • Continuous Benchmarking
  • Energy Saving Opportunity Reports
  • Historical Data Import (Green Button, Energy Star)

Demand Response/Controls

  • OpenADR® 2.0a
  • Wired and Wireless Controls Connectivity
  • Scheduling - Lighting, HVAC, Other
  • HVAC Temperature Setbacks
  • Dimming and Dual Lighting Levels
  • Conditional Control Strategies
  • Energy Storage Routing
Admin dashboard
Admin dashboard
Admin dashboard
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